Dear Redd,

I've found all my spell components early and will be back in NoR tomorrow night (hopefully before 10pm SLT).

I hope to see you then.


I haven't posted in quite some time. I had to leave toxia when my good friend Dryl was banned from the Island due to the asshattery of a person with too much control in a limited space and an ego without bounds (think mall security guard).

I'll be taking a short break... it seems I'm going into some sort of hibernation cycle... I've never had this happen before so I'm unsure how it works.

In the meantime I will be missing my Redd. She and I have shared many good times in a short span since we started dating. She's my heart, my lover, my roommate and my friend.

Kisses Redd.

What's it like?

“What’s it like being one of the Succubi?”

It’s an interesting question.

I certainly don’t fit in with the other Fallen in Toxia. I don’t think I’d fit well into the Shadows for example. They sneer and scoff at others, growling and gnashing their teeth. I think it would be hard to find friends that way… or prey.

I can walk around looking ALMOST fully human. I haven’t quite mastered getting my eyes back to a standard shade… or stopped them from glowing yet. I choose not to.

I don’t often take all the affectations of my fellow fallen… I don’t usually grow spikes out of my back, I don’t often allow my tongue to grow long and forked. I DO have wings, feathery black ones that I tie bows to. I DO have disturbing eyes… my irises are flickering flame or sometimes pulsing crystal (when I feel like looking closer to human). I have horns… but they’re not too large most of the time. My skin is like a human’s… most of the time (though I like to match it to my outfits). I lave a lizard’s tail but it’s cute and I tie a bow around it too. I look like a powderpuff next to the “scary, evil” brethren who walk the streets.

I sleep in a chandelier in the library. I like books, people and one very special android.

I guess I don't fit in as a demon... but I'm happy with my life in the library. It has afforded my friendship, protection and a veritable buffet of lusty librarians (even if I just keep going back for the same entre).

Herding cats - A picture of daily life in the institute

With such a diverse population of people it is no easy task keeping the Omega Institute operating smoothly.

Our membership consists of Vampires, Werewolves, Androids, Felines, Witches, a Ghost, a Lesbian Biker Doctor, Angels and at least one Succubus. All of these people have differing motivations and personal drives. Our overarching goals are sometimes our only point of commonality.

This makes for a complex home life, to say the least.

Taking yesterday as an example:
I started out the day working in my forge with some help from my little sister Chelsea (one of the aforementioned werewolves). I’m trying to make something special for our Scholars to wear as an insignia of rank.

I came home to find an outside Angel, Constantine, giving odd orders to my cybernetic sister Varys. Varys is very new to Toxia and didn’t have a lot of safeguards against outside interference.

I attempted to give Varys an updated set of command protocols (to stop others from messing with her head) and while this was happening one of our playful kitties, Alyssa, bounded in to help. This made the project more difficult (Alyssa kept trying to pull up a user menu while I was building some protections into the system - like “don’t take orders from strangers”.
My beautiful Redd showed up and, an android herself, showed an abundance of concern for the situation… and also started trying to issue commands to poor Varys.

This ended with Alyssa trying to alter Varys’ personality profile to make her “all gangster, like ‘yo yo yo’” while Redd desperately tried to stop her and work with Varys to figure out what her protocols were. I got frustrated (I was having trouble getting a word in edgewise on the project that I started) so I took a stroll out on the cool evening streets to give myself a moment to calm down.

I came back – a huge argument between Redd and Constantine unfolded and people scattered all over (with Chelsea courting some young wolf-man by the fire). We provided Varys with some additional instructions to protect her going forward and then I finally got a few free moments to spend with Redd (something that’s really hard to come by. Redd’s a caretaker by nature and there are a lot of hurt souls in Toxia.) I was sitting on the docks looking over the water and trying to calm her down a bit (it had been a rough day already) when Darcia, the recent spawn of our Ghost-sister Dryl, showed up needing assistance in getting back to the safety of the Library.
On top of this there were a couple of arguments in the family (one lover’s quarrel, another disagreement between friends) and the normal behind-the-scenes plotting of all the factions in Toxia to contend with.

I love my family… crazy as they are but this Succubus is going to wait for everyone to leave, then pull a big tub up next to the fire and take a hot soaky bath.

Picture Time!

Picture time:

This is me, I switch my skin colors often so expect me to look different almost all the time.
Attraction Chemistry

This is Alyssa, showing off the collar that I made her (she's such a fun little kitty)

This is Greenlee - the cutest little thing:

Kryss, my sister and envoy of the Lamia (that's me in the back right):

Dryll, the kind of odd and twisted but oddly cute ghost in the library (right after she split, again):
Dryll Splits

Lady Omega! Our leader. (yes, that's me in the back right of the picture):
Lady Omega

Praetor Joah - who healed me when I was very ill:

Redd... my love:

She has a girlfriend now...

Last night was amazing.

So many things happened in such a short time. I knew it was close to Redd's time (her internal clock kicks her "procreative" cycle into high gear once every 6 days or so. So I went looking for her and found her struggling against her own programming at the Haven (she was on stage at the time).

After a tiny bit of teasing I whisked her off to a favorite trysting spot to reset her system (so to speak).

After that amazing experience we both sauntered back to the Library and, Lo and Behold, Lady Omega was there.

Miss Omega gave promotions to Redd and Tonks (to the rank of scholar) and has allowed me to move my back-alley forge into the institute's basement. This will make it a lot easier for me to get things done in the future... I still have mantles to create for the scholars, full armor for the Guardians, Necklaces for my sister Alyssa and a special item for Lady Omega.... whew!

The Library was PACKED last night. Two newcomers arrived (a beautiful scaly mutant and a cute little android) I love them both and want them to join the institute.

After hours I went out with my sister Alyssa (I was dressed as a nun, but with my usual inverted cross necklace, wings and tail... and some wicked Dommy boots with stirrups) This demon didn't take well to it and attacked me. My spells were all misfiring ((buggy second life stuff)) and I wasn't able to defeat him... so Redd gently carried me to the dungeon over the porn store and tended to my wounds... a lot.

I ended up streaking through the streets to the hotel where we took a hot shower and climbed into bed together.

I love Redd. I've tried to avoid thinking about it and letting it impact me but I'm a one-android demoness. We talked to each other about it last night and decided it made sense to take the next step... I have a girlfriend now. I fell asleep with Redd in my arms and a smile on my face.

Thoughts on being a Guardian

We've reopened the Guardian role in the Omega Society.

Guardians help to escort vulnerable team members. They gather information from other groups around the city. They recruit.

I'd like to join the guardians. Denny (our big spooky Angel-Praetor) may or may not let me in.

I misunderstood him the other day. He asked for a peice of armor (shoulder armor) for the Guardians to wear... I thought this was my task to join. Unfortunately it was not.

Oh well, it's a nice bit of work on the armor. I'll post a picture when I get a chance.

Denny would like a full set. I can do that but it will be a LOT of work - and I still might not get the title.

I think the Omegans should give me a different title... like "Master Craftsman" or something.